Solar Facts

Solar will perform well in dense urban environments.

Solar is the only element of LEED that produces revenue. 

Supporting renewables attracts capital, manufacturing, good jobs, tax revenue and goodwill to a community.

Property Owners

Renewable energy generation provides opportunities to produce new revenue streams from open spaces, marginal lands and rooftops. For rural, commercial, industrial and municipal properties, this represents an unprecedented and often overlooked opportunity.

Solar investments are similar to real estate investments in that location is critical. Determining the suitability, energy potential and valuation of a prospective solar site requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Our long history in project development, investment due diligence and investment transactions enables us to establish a sound valuation for any site at any location.

Project Owners

Project owners who wish to monetize their assets at their optimum point of value work with ArcStar because:

  • Our comprehensive experience, investment-grade processes, sophisticated tools and legal instruments guide their projects to the most efficient, cost-effective points of monetization.
  • Our veteran legal, financial and investment marketing team is a resource they tyically don’t have in-house.
  • Our deep understanding of our investors needs allows us to market project investments to highly qualified targets with known investment criteria and appetite.
  • Our network of established investors from multiple international markets allows us to provide reach the project would not otherwise have.
  • We contribute our expertise and capabilities on a performance basis, aligning our interests with our clients, extending their capabilities, accelerating their success and maximizing the value of their projects.
  • If you are interested in determining the investment, energy and revenue potential of your renewable energy project or rural, commercial, industrial or municipal property, contact us at and one of our investment professionals will be pleased to answer your questions.