Did you know?
Renewable energy adds asset value to a property, reduces operating expense and produces investment returns.

Solar produces fixed-cost power over a useful life of up to 35 years.

Renewable energy is a sound, stable and attractive capital investment.
Advisory and Managed Services
A Complete Suite of Project Acquisition, Development and Management Services
ArcStar provides investment and acquisition advisory and transaction management services including investment valuation, due diligence and managed transaction closing services to project owners, equity investors, lenders and asset operators.

An energy generation plant is a long-term asset investment. Initial decisions regarding the site, the system and the investment structure have long-term consequences. ArcStar's expertise, sophisticated financial tools and investment-grade methodologies ensure maximum energy production and investment returns over the 30+ year life of these assets.

Site Quality and Control: The Foundation of all Energy Projects
Whether acquiring sites for development or investing in an operating asset, the quality of the site and the quality of the site control agreements are equally critical to the ultimate success and asset value of the project, its cost of capital and the return to the investor.

This is true in both utility scale and commercial renewable energy projects. Excelling in this core component of renewable energy services requires not only specialized technical, legal and financial expertise, but also extensive experience. ArcStar has experience in hundreds of projects throughout the Americas.
  • Site surveys documenting all physical characteristics of the site relating to energy development.
  • Quantification of the energy production potential.
  • Assessments of utility interconnection capacity, proximity and costs.
  • Identification of development and permitting processes, cost, risks and timelines.
  • Securing the site under investment grade access, leasing or purchase agreements.

Project Pro Formas, Valuations and Financial Analyses: The Basis for Investment
Investment-grade financial models with detailed scenario analysis, including:
  • Development costs
  • System costs
  • Energy production and system degradation
  • Operating expenses
  • Incentive, tax and depreciation impacts
  • Optimal capital structure
Pro Forma Income Statement
Pro Forma Cash Flow
Pro Forma Balance Sheet
Discounted forward cash flows and residual asset values

System and Service Contracting: Maximizing Performance and Value
  • Site and system layouts
  • System design
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracting
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) contracting
  • Warranties and Service Level Agreement contracting

Implementation Oversight: Execution, On Time and On Budget
  • Permits and authorizations (land, environmental, construction, etc.)
  • Utility bid process management
  • Owners representative and project management
  • Interconnection management
  • Community and landowner relations

Asset Management: Maximizing Energy Production and Investment Returns
  • Special Purpose Entity (SPE) formation and administration
  • System performance metrics and reporting
  • Service management and administration (O&M and Warranty)
  • Revenue billing and collections
  • Project accounting
  • Insurance sourcing and administration
  • Investor relations