Did you know?
Did you know that large solar and wind energy farms are now competitive with most fossil-fuel generation plants?

Our Company
Since 2008, ArcStar's core purpose has been to acquire, develop and monetize only the very best renewable asset investments. We do this for our investors and development partners.

Our core expertise in structuring and financing power infrastructure investments is backed by decades of experience in site evaluation and acquisition, project development, EPC and O&M contracting and optimization of operations in utility, commercial and industrial energy systems. Our expertise in each of these domains is central to our ability to produce the best investment returns in renewable energy investments.

Our investors, development partners and commercial/industrial clients benefit by:

  • Generating long-term stable investment cash-flows and superior returns
  • Locking down energy costs over long terms
  • Driving energy expense reduction
  • Increasing property and business valuations
  • Increasing energy independence
  • Enhancing public goodwill and perception
  • Meeting environmental requirements and goals
Why now?
The declining costs of solar and wind energy systems make renewable energy assets attractive investments and a necessary energy infrastructure consideration for utilities and commercial/industrial operations of all kinds. ArcStar's mission is to help our clients deploy, acquire, finance or monetize renewable energy assets that will achieve a rapid and significant return on investment.