Did you know?

Do you know that today’s solar technologies are safe, reliable and work in conjunction with your existing power system?

Do you know that utility energy rates have risen 51% over the previous five years?

That's an average increase of more than 10% each year. (Source:  Energy 



Managed System Acquisition
Under a managed system acquisition arrangement, our clients purchase and own the renewable energy systems directly, acquired at the highest value for money based on ArcStar's deep experience and knowledge of the industry. ArcStar manages all necessary permits, secures all incentives and rebates and manages every aspect of design, engineering and construction of the system.

Under a Managed System Acquisition, our client recieves all the benefits of clean energy systems without the need of specialized expertise.

  • How does an ArcStar MSA system work under Utility Net Metering?
    The energy generated is fed into local circuits on the customer's side of the utility power meter. Customers consume the power generated by their system first, thereby decreasing the amount of power consumed from the power company.

    If the system generates more energy than is actually used, the utility electric meter begins to spin backwards, effectively crediting the energy produced to the utility bill.

If the client desires, ArcStar will contract for the ongoing monitoring and maintainance of the system at the highest level of performance at the best market cost.