Did you know?

Are you aware that you can lock in your energy costs at today’s rate for the next 20 years?

Do you know that today’s renewable energy technologies are safe, reliable and work in conjunction with your existing power system?

Do you know that utility energy rates have risen 51% over the previous five years?

That's an average increase of more than 10% each year. (Source:  Energy 



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For businesses, energy expenses are always a significant and unpredictable operating expense. Typically, energy ranks somewhere among the top three expense items in any operating budget. Now there is a reliable and industry-standard option for reducing this expense and eliminating financial risk and uncertainty in acquiring renewable energy for your facilities.

ArcStar's comprehensive experience in large scale utility and commercial renewable energy projects and investments enables us to negotiate and secure long term contracts for the most reliable and resilent renewable energy at the most competitive cost available. Our financial, technical and legal experience and expertise becomes yours.

  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

    A PPA is an energy purchasing contract which allows you acquire renewable energy at no capital expense and which allows you to lock down your energy costs over long contractual periods.

    The equipment may be installed at your facility or remotely and is financed, constructed, owned and operated by skilled professionals who are expert at the business.

    PPA solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing energy systems and utility services. The local power utility will continue to bill for power consumed over and above that provided under the PPA, while you enjoy immediate energy savings and the long term fixed prices for energy provided by the PPA.
Other benefits of a PPA include proven enhancement of property value, a hedge against regulatory risks such as special utility taxes, surcharges and fuel cost assessments and goodwill from community, customers and employees.
The Future of Energy
PPA's are considered an important factor in the future of renewable energy because they do not require installation of equipment at the customer facility. Stories on their benefits regularly appear in the mainstream media and many of the world's most innovative companies (HP, Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc) have adopted them as a primary means to secure the long term financial and environmental benefits of renewable energy.