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Who's Going Solar?
Click on the links below to learn more about major retailers, top companies and/or municipalities that are using the PPA model (An Overview of PPAs) or deploying major solar projects, to leverage the signifcant cost savings and environmental benefits of solar power.

Major Retailers Outfitting Stores with Solar Power

WalMart's Initiative
Companies give folks solar help to go green
Wal-Mart Announces Solar Power Pilot Project

Macy's Initiative
Macy's Solar Shopping Spree

Kohl's Initiative
Kohl's to go solar in California

Staples' Initiative
Staples Installs Largest Solar Power System in New England

Additionally, many of the world's most admired, successful and innovative companies are going green:

Google's Solar Initiatives
Solar Energy System for Google Headquarters

Google's Investments in Solar Start-ups
Google invests in another solar startup

Microsoft Initiatives
Microsoft goes solar
Microsoft Installs Silicon Valley's Largest Solar Panel System at Its Mountain View Campus

Click on the links below to learn more about how towns and cities are using solar technology and incentives to provide clean power to their municipalities.

Sacramento, CA
Solar-energy push boosted by home sales, legislation

Berkeley, CA
Berkeley going solar - city pays up front, recoups over 20 years

Ocean City, NJ
Ocean City awards contract for $4M. solar energy project

New York, NY
Solar Panels for NYC Municipal Buildings

Austin, TX
In heart of Texas, drumbeat for green